Nestle After Eight • Concept and Packaging Design

Brands and Clients. Over three thousand designs for the world famous companies and brands. The most famous clients and brands working for 2brand and Roman Klis Design:  Nestlé * Maggi * Nescafé * Bayer Aspirin * Visa * Schwarzkopf * Wella Cosmetics * Audi * Mercedes Benz * Migros * Swiss Delice * Midor * Mibelle Cosmetics * Naomi Campbell * Bruno Banani * Marco Polo * Puma * Philip Morris * Marlboro * ATP World Tour * Lidl * Mibelle * Dunhill * Kit Kat * After Eight * Smarties * Bambi * Swiss Lion * Ritter Sport * Jaffa * Vino Zupa * City Express * ProCredit Bank * Farrina * Eastsign Hong Kong * Zwilling Beauty Group * Bohor * Kraš * Guess * Unilever * Schogetten * Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 * Eastsign China.

From 1998 - 2008 worked as Senior Designer and Art Director at the leading Brand and Packaging Design Agency in Germany. During that time the main cliens were Migros, Schwarzkopf, Bayer, Audi, Nestle and many more famous brands. Naming, Branding, Corporate Design and POS concepts for almost all KitKat, After Eight, Smarties, Nescafé and Maggi products world wide I can classify as my greatest experiance. Thanks to Roman Klis Design Germany for giving me a chance to be a part of makin design history and working on such a big brands.

Nestle After Eight • Concept 3 in 1 Packaging Design

Nescafe Vending • Brand and Corporate Design